Football Fitness Programme

The Football Fitness Training programme that fights tedium and delivers results!

We have conducted our own research into the perfect Football Fitness Programme, to help players of all levels get fit and ready for their new season, recover from a period of time away from the game or even an injury. We know that it is not just the professionals who take their fitness levels seriously and we have designed, with your help, a specific Football Fitness Programme, that will hopefully meet all of your needs.

We appreciate the tedium levels of just running from point a to point b, getting a time and then repeating this until you beat it. We have created fitness specific drills that test your ball skills and sharpness at the same time. These drills complemented by periods of hard work without the ball, but still adapted to suit your positions work load, will hopefully help you to reach your pre-season targets. 

Prefer to do your fitness in a group?

Click here to check out the group options below!

Football Fitness

Training Programme

This 1:1 FFPC programme includes:
  • 6 - 8 week Programmes

  • 1 or 2 sessions per week

  • Player Profile to help design the programme

  • Target setting

  • Entry and Exit Test to assess your development

  • Fitness focused drills, that involve a football as well as position specific cardio work

  • Drills that are suited to your playing style, position and targets

  • Timed to fit in with your return to action

  • £20 per session

Delivered in a motivating and professional coaching style and supported by specifically designed drills, this programme is made to help you reach your pre-season goals! 

We will also allow for some flexibility in the programme if your pre-season games or training reveal new targets or areas for development.

Group Programme

Fancy completing a pre-season training programme in a group? If you have a group of up to 5 friends, get in touch with us and we can sort out a group programme. 

Groups of 2: £12 per person

Groups of 3: £9 per person

Groups of 4: £8 per person

Groups of 5: £7 per person

With the group programmes, the coach will tailor the drills to meet each players individual targets. A group environment can really bring out the best in some players, with the competitive side pushing them to work that extra bit harder!

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