There are so many areas to work on with goalkeepers; footwork, reactions, shot stopping, recovery time, kicking from the floor and from hands, and much more. We are always looking for ways to come up with innovative new drills to test the goalkeepers working with us, at all levels. These videos demonstrate some of the drills we have used with goalkeepers and there is plenty of reaction saves that are worth a second look!

Alfie - Keeper Mini Game

Working on reactions, core strength, explosive strength, flexibility and more, this fun goalkeeper game was a great way to round off a session with Alfie. A fun and competitive game, with the first to score 5 the winner - but ultimately the keeper to pull off the best looking save was going to be the real winner 📸! Matt Dingle clearly enjoyed joining in with this drill as much as he did coaching it...

Alfie - Goalkeeping Fitness and more...

Alfie has put a lot of hard work in to get himself sharp again after his injury. In this session we worked on reactions, fitness, strength and engaging core muscles, arms, legs and wrists, hand-eye co-ordination, speed of thought and more! Some top work in this video from the young keeper.


Some top saves and reactions from our sessions working with goalkeepers!

Steve - GK Saves and Reactions

Steve has continued to work with Joe over the past few month. His main targets have been to improve his distribution but there is always time for some shooting and reaction work as a goalkeeper. Some great reaction saves here...

Steve Dingle - Goalkeeping: Footwork, reactions and shot stopping (Full Version)

Steve Dingle has been working with 1:1 FFPC Coach, Joe Gravestock​, to get himself sharp in between the sticks in time for the new season. Check out some of these innovative and testing keeper drills and some amazing reactions.

Alfie - Explosive Strength and Reactions

Having completed a hard programme working on fitness and kicking, we rounded off Alfie's last session with a few reaction and explosive strength drills. Working on his ability to cover the goal area when movement is restricted and his strength to keep the ball out when he is really on the stretch.

Blake Shepherd - Goalkeeping Reactions

We have been working with Sheppy on his all round goalkeeping ability over the past 8 weeks. This session focused on his reactions with the cones deviating the ball in different directions. This drill works on the keeper's speed, agility and reactions. Blake really enjoyed this session and it gave him a chance to show his lightning quick reactions and top class shot stopping!

Alfie Daynes - Goalkeeping

In his first Development Programme with 1:1 FFPC, Alfie has been working on his reactions and distribution. In this session we worked on Alfie's reactions to deflections and then his ability to change direction quickly when he may have been wrong footed or made his first movement the wrong way.

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