The start and finish of everything in a football match, but seen as the least 'fun' thing to work on. We have come up with a whole range of drills and challenges to help improve the ball control and touch work or players at all levels. You are never too good to improve your control! Have a look at some of the different sessions in the videos below, showing how we help our players to get the best control possible.

Tom - Midfield Movement and Receiving a Pass 

In Tom's latest session, we focused on his movement without the ball and then the technique and speed of his play when receiving a pass. 
We worked on:

1 Body shape when receiving the ball
2 Receiving the ball with both feet - on the back foot and front foot
3 Communicating a commanding call to receive the ball from teammate
4 Responding to a call from a teammate to identify our next pass
5 Having a first touch that sets you well, to complete the pass quickly


Tom - All Round Midfielder Drill 

A drill for the modern day midfielder. Short sharp passing, high levels of accuracy and a range of different shots to take on. The hard work to start each section, keeps a high tempo alike the busy midfield areas of the game and the composure at the end of each move to deliver a quality end product.


(Check out our new video opener as well🔥👀)

Harry - Keepie-Uppie Accumulator 

A touch work drill, based on the good old keepie-uppie game! Each player starts on 1 touch and when they receive the ball back, they go up a touch each time. Concentration is key!

Tom - Passing, control and movement as a midfielder

Tom working on a passing drill, that brings together a range of midfield elements. Passing and moving to find a third target with both feet, receiving the ball a shifting away from a defender before finding a team mate. The drill aslo takes in an element of fitness as well. 

Harry - Ball Playing CB

The role of a centre back has changed dramatically recently, with what you do on the ball being as important as the last ditch tackles and big headed clearances! On this Development Programme, we have been working to develop Harry's ability on both feet, his end product and all round touch play.

Jessi - Touch Work and Finishing

Jessi started working with us in July 2017, with the target of getting sharp for the new season, as well as aiding the transition into a new position. We started the course by getting her sharp with lots of touch work and foot speed drills!

Enya - Aerial Control and Long Range Passing

In her new Academy Programme, Enya has been working on aerial control and long range passing. This video shows some of Enya's work developing her control, touch to set and then end product. A young footballer who is proving that hard work really does pay off!

Libby Bridle - Passing, Dribbling and Shooting

Libby started a 3 session Introduction with 1:1 FFPC in March and it is her final session today. We have looked at all the basic skills with her, focusing on her passing technique and dribbling. We talk through the passing technique in small steps and the progression in terms of accuracy shows,even after 2 sessions. Libby loves her football and knows how to celebrate! Watch till then end...

Charles Wratten - Distribution with Weaker Foot

Charles Wratten has been working hard on his technique with his weaker foot. When he started his Training Programme 4 weeks ago, he lacked in confidence and technique when passing with his left foot. This session tested the progression so far with some great results. The rest of Charles' course will be working on decision making and heading.

Tom Fischer - Ball Control and Passing

A video from a session with Tom Fischer. Tom is a young centre back who we have been working with for 8 weeks, over 2 different Development Programmes. Tom has vastly improved his confidence on the ball and is quickly becoming a ball playing centre back. This session worked on getting Tom's first touch out of his feet so that he can quickly play a pass. We finished this session with a passing accuracy game!

Christian Stoodley - First Touch

A small compilation of Christian's touches and turns from week 2. Christian is working on his movement off of the ball and how he receives the ball. This drill involved Christian working on his movement away from a defender in order to recive the ball, his first touch from a range of deliveries and then beating a defender.

Alex Brumwell - Clark - Weak Foot Development

This is Alex Brumwell - Clark in week 2 of his 8 week course with 1:1 FFPC working to improve his right foot. Alex has shown great progression already and is starting to trust his weaker foot, allowing him to move quicker with the ball and release the ball faster when looking to deliver an end product.

Harry Bridle - Ball Manipulation

Harry Bridle, 10, working on his ability to manipulate the ball from close and long range. Harry is on an 8 week Development Programme with 1:1 FFPC working on his attacking game. 

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