What our clients have said about working on a Programme with us...

Worthing United U16

At the start of the 2018/19 season, the team were left without a manager or level one coach with only 2 weeks to go. After being promoted as champions in the previous season, everyone was excited to move into the A league and we had a group of boys desperate to play football. The parents rallied round, I took up the role of Manager with the support of two dads to help training and run the Sunday games.


My son was already working with Joe at 121, so I made a call and asked him if he would work with the team, initially for 6 weeks. I was grateful that he said yes joining us in week two of the season. The initial 6 weeks turned into supporting us for the entire season.


Joe has a great way of working with the boys and sets the right standard for the group, bringing out the best in the wide range of varying characters within the team. The boys respect Joe and really took to him and his delivery and they thrived on his sessions. The sessions varied from technical to fitness and Joe managed to find the right level every time.

We started the season with some good and not so good results; then in November the fitness and focus started to come through from the training sessions, with 7 wins, 3 draws and only 1 loss.


We firmly believe Joe made the difference to the team’s performance; we even made the league cup final - losing out to top of the league Bognor. So a great first season in the A League after a false start. Thank you, Joe!

Jo Noone - Worthing U16 Manager

Charlie has been with the 1:1 FFPC boys for several Programmes over the last 2 seasons. Under the guidance of Joe, he has vastly improved his ball control, shooting, set play taking and game awareness skills. Joe has been a calm, cool and collective influence on Charlies football. It has been evident in his competitive matches, the skill-set he has been taught. I would like to thank Joe for his positive, and on going influence. Would Highly Recommend 1-1 FFPC!

Steve Beeken - Charlie's Father

Charlie - On his fourth Programme with 1:1 FFPC - working on passing and midfield movement

Alex has just completed his first 8 week 1-1 FFPC Programme with Joe. This saw him improve his pace, build more left foot strength, not to mention his all-round football fitness.  Whilst it was hard work having a parachute attached to him during the heat-wave to make sprinting even harder and enhance his stamina -  he also had fun, with Joe making it interactive with a bit of competition at the end of each session.


Alex liked it so much that he asked me to rebook immediately, so he is now scheduled on the 12 week Development Programme, which he is looking forward too. We want to pass on both Alex and my thanks to Joe and 1:1 FFPC for doing an amazing job over the 8 week programme. Alex not only improved physically but also mentally. I wish I had found 1:1 FFPC sooner – but as he progresses in the U16s and wants to continue into the U18s, now is just as good a time as any.

Jo Noone - Alex's Mother

Alex - On his first Training Programme with 1:1 FFPC - working on fitness and left foot technique

Herb's has just completed his 8 week Training Programme and already he can see the difference in his play; especially his execution and attack on a ‘dead ball’.  Herbie is is now a confident penalty and corner taker and kicks with gusto! For stamina and fitness, the programme has helped with developing leg strength and endurance – again, of which can be seen in competitive matches.  All the coaching is done in a friendly and positive manner and Herbie has built a really good rapport with his coach, James. I would definitely recommend 1:1 FFPC to all aspiring footballers!

Vanessa Evans - Herbies Mother

Henrbie- On his second Training Programme with 1:1 FFPC - working on finishing

"Henry first started his 1:1 with Matt coaching him. He went to 1:1 to improve his confidence and understanding of his positioning on the pitch and he improved immensely, growing in confidence and started to really enjoy his football. He is now coached by James, concentrating on his fitness, plus his defence role on the pitch. Henry’s confidence has grown and grown, he loves training with James and they have great fun whilst training hard. We can see a vast improvement in Henry and so can his coach, we are so pleased that Matt and his team of coaches were recommended to us." 

Ali Zacher - Henry's Mother

Henry - On his third programme with 1:1 FFPC - working on fitness, ball control and shooting

"I have been working with Joe, for the last 16 weeks, looking to improve on my reaction time and foot work. Being a goalkeeper foot work has never been the strongest part of my game, but an area I have always wanted to improve. 


Over my two, 8 week Training programmes I have been put through hard working drills, that have given me the confidence to control the ball calmly, and the make the correct decision regarding distribution. I now have confidence to take the ball and use it in the best way without panic.


Joe has been pivotal in giving me that confidence to do this. Not only that but encouraged the use of my left foot as well as my dominant right. He has made the effort to attend my matches and given me feedback.


His friendly, upbeat and positive persona have been a massive contributors in boosting my confidence with my game play. His football knowledge and experience show in his delivery and helps you to understand what he is asking you to do.

As a whole, I have a lot to thank Joe and Matt for. They have given me the confidence which has not just boosted the areas we have worked on, but my game as a whole. The boys at 1:1 FFPC are welcoming, friendly, very knowledgeable and professional.

Highly recommended if you want to improve any aspect of your game. I will be carrying on with 1:1 as they have proved to be such a benefit to me. Thank you Joe and Matt for your extremely hard work."

Steve Dingle - On his second programme with 1:1 FFPC - working on ball control, distribution and reactions as a goalkeeper.

"I have nothing but praise for Matt. He quickly identified my sons strengths and areas for improvement. Each session was varied and fun and gave Marcus things to think about when back with his team. The programme has given Marcus the confidence to believe in his abilities and to play to his strengths.'

Marion Grant - Marcus' Mother

Marcus - 8 week Development Programme - working on close control and end product as a holding midfielder

"My Son Archie is nearly 5 years old and he is on his second programme with Joe and 1:1 FFPC.
Archie is very fond of Joe, even calling him his best friend! Joe is very patient and encourages him to continue to listen and participate in drills.

Archie's football skills and understanding have greatly improved and with this his confidence has soared. His concentration and improvement has also spread over to other aspects of his life, with Archie's achievements in swimming and school having greatly improved"

 Emma Collister - Archie's Mother

Archie - On his second programme with 1:1 FFPC - working on ball control, manipulation and general ball skills. Also working on agility, balance and co-ordination (ABC) drills. 

"On a personal note I have to tell you how delighted I am with Bo's improvement. Yesterday I had people from the opposition and a few from ours telling me how outstanding he was. He played against two very good defenders yesterday, and he won the battle, all match! 


The work he's doing with you alongside the work that I'm trying to do with him, in terms of getting him enjoying his football, is making him flourish.


Out of all the academy football he's ever done he enjoys yours the most by far and we are seeing the benefits of it. We could not be happier with Bo's and Otters' connection with 1:1 FFPC and long may it continue" Paul Bridle - Rustington Otters Manager and Bo's Father

Harry Bridle - On his third programme, now on a 1:1 FFPC Academy Programme - Has worked on attacking movement, finishing, fitness, passing and advacned shooting 

"1:1 FFPC offer a unique service for the modern footballer looking for continuous improvement.

Owen has worked with Joe for five months now and really enjoys the sessions. Joe’s immediate understanding and analysis of Owen’s game enabled a specific development programme to be formed. The recorded drills provide a great benchmark and motivation to compete, improve and succeed.

Owen quickly showed improvement in his performance and the longer term benefits have also been very noticeable. Consequently, he is a much stronger and confident player in his matches and his game has moved to another level" 
John Spicer - Owen's Father

Owen Spicer - On his third programme - Has worked on attacking, finishing and defensive shape

"I have been coached by Matt for 8 weeks and the progression I have made is incredible, my attitude and decision making has improved drastically and allows me to play to my fullest potential when in a game scenario. We also worked on my technical ability on how to pass a ball with accuracy over different lengths and how to commit to every decision you make. The facilities are brilliant and it was great to have the experience of and chance to use all kinds of training equipment."

Charlie Norman - 8 Week Training Programme​ - Focusing on Decision Making and Passing Accuracy

​"I have been working with Matt Dingle now for 4 weeks. We have been doing sessions based on general game sharpness, passing and taking free kicks. I personally find motivating myself to keep fit is hard work, but the way 1:1 FFPC blends fitness with the game I love, I have found is the best way to keep fit for me. The equipment is excellent and the coaching is brilliant. I would recommend to anyone, any age who wants to improve his or hers game."

Daniel Panesar - 16 Week Development Programme​ ('16) - Focusing on Football Fitness and Set Piece Delivery

"My son CJ (Christian) has been coached by Matt and Joe for only a matter of weeks but his development has already shown what a difference being so closely tutored has done for his game and helped him elevate his football to another level. CJ is not the biggest player but is now appreciating how important movement off of the ball is, in order to gain an advantage on the opposition."

"CJ himself told me after his recent trial at Brighton and Hove Albion, that all the extra coaching has "definitely helped me score more goals and make better decisions and its cool having coaches all to myself." Terry Stoodley - CJ's Father

Christian Stoodley - On his 4th programme - Has worked on finishing, attacking movement on and of the ball, decision making and transitipnal movements from defense into attack

"Tom & Jamie have thoroughly enjoyed their first six week programme with 1:1 Football and Fitness Performance Coaching. Jude and myself have seen fantastic results in the recent matches Tom & Jamie have played. Tom’s passing and comfort on the ball is dramatic in its improvement, and Jamie’s skill-sets both in goal and out on pitch have developed no end.


The feedback from both Matt and Joe has been pitched at the right level for the boys to engage and understand, and for us too!The biggest success for us has been in the boys confidence – many thanks so far. We look forwards to continuing the programmes for further success ongoing." Jude and Martin - Tom and Jamie's Parents

Tom Fischer - On his 4th programme -  Has worked on shooting passing, goalkeeper positioning and shot stopping.

Jamie Fischer - On his 4th programme - Has worked on first touch, passing, control, long passing and shooting.

"Joe has greatly improved our son Sammy's football skills since just September this year. Sammy has absolutely loved the 1-1 coaching and attention which he thrives on!

Joe has great respect for boys of Sammy's age at just 7 years old. He has constantly praised him,noticed good work and given him such confidence which he has needed.


Joe & Matt both attended school where our older boys went some 15 years ago so it's great to see how they have also progressed into fine young adults who notice the skills of young footballers today.

We give our great thanks to them both and look forward to more fun 1:1 sessions." Samantha and Jon - Sammy's Parents


Sammy Painter - two, 6 Week Development Programmes ('16) - Focusing on Attacking play and Passing 

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