Attacking and finishing can create some of the most electric videos, but these techniques and skill sets take a lot of practice and time. The final product is not the only thing we help players to master, in many of these videos the players are working on their movement, first touch and set up to that decisive final shot or pass.

Owen C - Clinical Finishing

Using our links with Watersfield FC - we got one of their goalkeepers along to a 1:1 session to test the work we had been doing with Owen on his finishing.


The added intensity of shooting past a keeper tested not just the physical side but the mental side of shooting. Staying calm, the decision making and of course the mind games that all come into play during a game.


During this Programme we have really focused in on Owen being clinical, using his side foot to gain maximum accuracy and being clever with his finishing. 

Libby - Step Over

We have been working with Libby for almost a year now, developing her all round game and ball control. To be working with her on the step over has been great fun and is a skill she has developed well... her next step is to progress with the approach speed and angle. Here is a video of her progress so far!


What is better than a minute of goals? 

CJ - Finishing and Quick Feet

CJ is working on his all round attacking game, focusing on finishing and changes of pace during a game. This session we worked on his quick feet in tight situations and his set up before shooting. We finished the session focusing on his technique when striking through the ball to gain maximum power!

Callaghan - Receiving and Finishing in Attacking Areas

Callaghan plays as part of an attacking 3, and he came to us asking to develop his game as 1 of the wide players or as the central striker. We started by working on his first touch and the variations he could add to his game. The first touches we worked on, allow him to open up into space and then deliver his end product.

Eddie - Finishing and Timing of Runs

Eddie completed his Training Programme with 1:1 FFPC this week. Eddie has been working with Joe, and as an all round midfielder, he worked on his end product and ball control. This drill looked at his finishing, timing of runs and skills to beat a defender.

Harry Bridle, Bo, has been working with 1:1 FFPC since August 2016. This video shows his finishing technique and accuracy in a range of situations, as well as drills around his build up play. Bo has just finished a 1:1 FFPC Academy Programme, with his exit test involving shooting into a target that is just a ball and half in width, expect many goals from this young footballer in the future!

Enya Bricker - Academy Programme

Our first 1:1 FFPC Academy Programme has been completed by Enya. Check out the video to have a look at some of the drills involved in Enya's Programme. Enya has been working with us since July 2016 and is now on the Brighton Academy pathway

Owen Spice - Shooting and Fitness 2

Owen's determination and motivation to improve led him to wanting to redo his video last month. Despite the colder conditions, Owen shows some real quality in this video with some great strikes with both feet!

Owen Spicer - Finishing and Fitness

Working with Joe Gravestock​, Owen has been developing his all round attacking game. This drill tested Owen's concentration and ability to perform when fatigue starts to kick in. Working hard to collect each ball Owen then dispatches some great efforts with both feet. A young footballer with a great attitude, who applies himself in every session!

Archie Greenfield - Attacking Movement

We have been working with Archie Greenfield for 5 weeks now, looking at his all-round attacking game. In this session we worked on movement off of the ball, creating space and the use of supporting players in attacking moves. Archie shows good quality in terms of his body shape to receive the ball and a variety of turns and touches.

Daniel Panesar - Striking and Ball Movement

A compilation of videos from Week 9 with Daniel Panesar, working on his striking of a moving ball and from a dead ball situation. By having a marker pole outside of the front post, the drill allows the player to understand how much movement they can get on the ball and how far away from the goal they can start their strike whilst still hitting the back of the net!

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